• Removable cover
  • Ticking : Jacquard Outer cover with square quilting
  • FR barrier Inner Cover
  • Fabric made of FR double Jacquard quilting with square partern (4×2 lines)
  • 1” FR Memory foam (3 lbs), 25%ILD=12
  • 1.5” Memory foam (2.5 lbs),25%ILD=13
  • 7.5” Regular foam (2 lbs), 25%ILD=43
  • Warranty : 10 Year Prorated


Memory Foam Mattress

  • Pressure point relief Pressure point relief
  • Reduced muscle tension Reduced muscle tension
  • Independent movement Independent movement

The main support agent of memory foam mattresses is made of visco-elastic foam material. Developed by NASA, this technology softens on contact with body heat to mould to your body. Memory foam mattresses create a cocoon that absorbs your pressure points and reduces muscle tension, so you do less moving around through the night. In addition to perfectly moulding to your body, memory foam mattresses also provide remarkably little movement transfer.

Although they offer unbeatable comfort and warmth to many sleepers, those who tend to be less chilly will prefer gel foam mattresses for their cooler sleep surface. Memory foam mattresses may also prove to be an excellent alternative to continuous coil or pocketed coil mattresses. You can also get a pocketed coil mattress with a pillow top, a soft surface made of memory foam, gel foam or latex, attached to the mattress for greater comfort.